PC Image 5天大促销!手机、电脑、电子产品大减价!折扣高达80%!

【PC Image 所有分行5天大促销】

东马最大电脑连锁店PC Image 举办5天大促销活动!手机、电脑、电子产品大减价!折扣高达80%!PC Image 将在12月21日至25日举办Big Sale 大促销!促销活动将在所有分行举办!不要错过了!




促销活动:PC Image Big Sale

促销日期:21 – 25 December 2017

促销地点:所有PC Image分行




FULL VIEW: https://goo.gl/tJ4Wbc/


FULL VIEW: https://goo.gl/jzMJkV/





FULL VIEW: https://goo.gl/qArgcs/




FULL VIEW: https://goo.gl/DsYxro

WOW! Big Sale is back!!
Are you ready?? It’s time to put your FREE RM10 cash voucher to good use! See you on 21 – 25 December 2017, at all PC Image outlets.

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